A good Conversation with Top-Coach Frank Bresser
in Cologne or by Phone on a private or vocational Issue

You wish an effective coaching conversation? Then just send me your coaching request by text message (my mobile number: 0179-4338876) or Email (mail@frank-bresser.de) und use the following specimen text:

"Dear Frank/ Mr Bresser, I would like to have a coaching conversation with you at venue x in Cologne/ by phone. My issue is: x. My suggested date and time is: On xx.xx.xx from x o´clock to x o´clock. My suggested fee: x Euro including Vat, final price. I have read your Data Privacy Statement on your website and agree with it. Best wishes/Kind regards. Name x , City x"

Further information on how to fill out the above specimen text:

In Cologne or by phone, free choice within Cologne, e.g. in my nice coaching premises (Fridolinstr. 13, 50823 Cologne, ground and first floor, please ring both bells, when you arrive), at your home, in your office, in a café or restaurant, while walking e.g. along the river Rhine, wherever!

Possible range: 30 minutes to 8 hours; classically 2 hours, when face-to-face, 60 or 90 minutes by phone

Your issue:
Please sum up your issue in just one or two words (e.g.: "private crisis", "career planning")! In principle, I may coach you on (nearly) any subject. However, of course, be aware: A coaching conversation is no therapy! And: It may not be used in any way for illegal/unethical purposes!

What would you like to pay for this coaching conversation? Yes! Make a (from your view) honest, appropriate fee suggestion! Generally, this is most probable to also work for me then! I coach the top manager as well as the job-seeker or student. So just be honest and suggest something!

What is the proceeding after sending me your coaching request?

Very simple: I answer your request as quickly as possible by text message / email. And only if and when you then again confirm the conversation, it is actually agreed. Then, until 24 hours before its start, you may still cancel the coaching conversation. If there is no cancellation, we will have the coaching conversation as agreed, and within one month after it, you will receive the invoice by email and our contact ends. (Except, of course, you, at some point, wish to request another coaching conversation and for this reason yourself get in touch with me again.)

Frank Bresser Email: mail@frank-bresser.de Mobile: (+49) 0179-4338876