Your Inner Sailing
A good conversation with Frank Bresser in Cologne

You wish a good conversation?
You get a good conversation!

You want to get more clarity on something? Want to make a difficult decision? Or have something on your mind that you want to talk about?

Then why not simply get in touch wih Frank Bresser, arrange a conversation with him und talk to him about your private/ vocational issue?

Be it at the river Rhine, in a city park, in a nice café, in the coaching premises in Fridolinstreet or wherever you like!

Be it during the week or at the weekend, during the day or in the evening - whatever time fits best for you!

Instead of a face-to-face conversation, you may, of course, also choose to just talk to him on the phone, if you prefer.

Frank Bresser received several awards for his work. So, yes, you are truly in good hands here and can trust in his integrity and ability to have a good conversation together.

He will conduct the conversation in a way, by the way, that no follow-up appointment will be required. So it is a stand alone conversation.

Frank Bresser Email: Tel.: +49-(0)179-4338876