A good Conversation with Top-Coach Frank Bresser
in Cologne or by Phone on a private or vocational Issue

This year, in 2019, I am celebrating the 20th anniversary of my professional coaching practice (1999 to 2019)!

The by far most impressing and greatest moments of these two decades of my coaching & consultancy work have always taken place in the very personal, confidential setting of the coaching sessions with my clients! So in the end "in secrecy", you could say, far away from all noisiness und public exhibition. And this is where these remain also now: In secrecy! You don´t find them on any website and in no internet post. And this is good so.

Therefore, let me say just this here: Ich have coached individuals from extremely different backgrounds and on totally diverse issues and occasions. Be it a top manager or single parent, student or regular employee, unemployed or simply private person! Be it in situations of rise, success, crisis or defeat! Be it on private or vocational issues! Be it in Cologne or any other continent!

Of course, it has been very encouraging and great to also receive my more than 10 international coaching and conultancy awards (e.g. as "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany"). And yes, everyone who wants to get to know more about some of my large projects is also well invited to browse in my more than 40 specialist publications in the coaching and consultancy field! Or in the numerous articles on my work written by the media across the globe (e.g. my work was three times the cover story of the German magazine "Training aktuell")!

But in the end, it is the confidential, intensive work with the individual on his or her issue in the coaching setting, that - for me - has always been and remained the most fulfilling, fascinating and motivating activity.

That these days I am coaching only in Cologne and by phone, has, by the way, a very simple and practical reason: I simply want to spend as much time as possible together with my female partner, my daughter, my friends, my parents and my extremely cool aunt here in Cologne!

Another thing - for the sake of completeness - may also be mentioned: My MBA with Distinction from London (coaching was the subject of my Master Thesis), my German-Austrian Coaching Diploma, my French Law Diploma, my Trainings in Expert Terminology in English and French as well as my German 1,0-Abitur have been the educational basis of my 20 years of coaching practice.

On the occasion of and in order to celebrate this 20th jubilee appropriately, it is right in the middle of 2019 that my new books will be published: A series of four comedy & satire novels! Surprise! Surprise! :-)

Frank Bresser Email: mail@frank-bresser.de Mobile: (+49) 0179-4338876