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It is always a great honour to receive an award. In the course of the 20 years of my professional coaching practice (1999 to 2019), I have had the pleasure to get over 10 international coaching and consultancy awards.

My personal highlight was the very first one, conferred to me in Mumbai in 2011, on a fantastic congress-award-ceremony, personally by the former Secretary to the Government of India of the Department of Public Enterprises.

Here is an overview of my various awards:

101 Top Global Coaching Leaders Award 2019 (WHRDC)

AI Global Excellence Award 2018 (AI)

FM Game Changers Award 2018 (Finance Monthly)

100 Top Global Coaching Leaders Award 2018 (WHRDC)

CV HR & Training Award 2017 (CV Magazine)

2017´s Coaching Top 50, 2017 (CV Magazine)

FM Global Award 2017 (Finance Monthly)

CV Global Excellence Award 2017 (CV Magazine)

CV HR & Training Award 2016 (CV Magazine): "Best Coaching & Consultancy Service, Germany" (Jan 2017)

Global Coaching Leadership Award 2013 (WCC)

Global HR Excellence Award 2011 (WHRDC)

Frank Bresser Email: mail@frank-bresser.de Mobile: (+49) 0179-4338876